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Virginia Barratt, Artist

Virginia Barratt has recently completed a degree in creative writing at Southern Cross University, NSW, Australia and will shortly begin an Honours Scholarship. She is a published writer, performance artist and poet.

Paul Bourke, Artist

Paul Bourke is a visualisation researcher at the University of Western Australia providing scientific visualisation services to researchers within the university and to external partners. During his career he has worked in organisations where he concentrated on architectural, brain/medical, and astronomy visualisation. Of particular interest are novel display technologies and...

Alessio Cavallaro, Director

Alessio Cavallaro is widely acknowledged as a leading figure in the development of contemporary electronic arts in Australia, primarily as an artistic director, curator, producer, and publisher of innovative film, video, media, and sound arts. He is a member of the Curatorial Committee for ISEA 2013 Sydney, and is also developing...

Sally Couacaud, Curator

Sally Couacaud is a curator, project manager, and former director of Artspace in Sydney. She was the inaugural Director of the Australian International Video Festival, and was one of the first curators in Australia to focus her critical attention on video and other forms of electronic media art.

David Cranswick, Author

David Cranswick was appointed Director of dLux media arts in March 2003. Prior to this appointment worked both as a Curator and artist in Western Sydney for over ten years. He was Curator of the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre in Liverpool (NSW) from 1998 - 2003. In this time he was...

Blair French, Curator

Blair French completed a Bachelor of Arts in English and Art History at the University of Canterbury (Christchurch, NZ) in 1988, a Masters in the Department of Fine Arts at the University of Sydney in 1995 and a PhD in the Department of Art History & Theory at the University...

Andrew Frost, Artist

Andrew Frost was born in 1962 in Sydney, Australia. Frost has worked as an artist in various media including film, video and painting, and as a writer, curator, critic and lecturer.

Sue Healey, Director

Born in New Zealand in 1962 Sue Healey is a performer, choreographer, educator and dance-film maker. Healey’s practice extends beyond the traditional venues for dance with iterations of her projects staged in gallery settings as live performance elements within multimedia installations. As the creator of film and video projects Healy’s...

Brian Langer, Curator

Biran Langer was the Artistic Director of the Australian International Video Festival from 1988 to 1992 and Executive Director of Electronic Media Arts Ltd from 1990 to 1992. He has curated many exhibitions of Australian video art for new media arts festivals in the UK, France and Germany. He has worked...

Mike Leggett, Director

Mike Leggett is as an artist, curator, lecturer, researcher and administrator. Working since the mid-1960s Leggett has produced experimental film and video works, live performances and installations, collaborations with poets and playwrights and pioneering work with interactive media and computer technologies. Leggett’s oeuvre represents an abiding fascination with the material...

Richard Stanford, Artist

Richard Stanford is a science visual information consultant, with extensive experience in the new media, design, illustration and science publishing. He has a PhD in new media and cross- disciplinary studies between science and art from UNSW. in 2003, Richard was awarded the HC Coombes Fellowship at ANU. In 2010,...

Rhys Votano, Artist

Born in the Hills District of Sydney, Australia, Rhys Votano is a filmmaker and visual artist.

Ross Harley, Artist

From his earliest Super 8 works to the most recent video projects Ross Harley has been decoding visual language. Starting with the tropes of horror films and the grammar of architecture, through to furniture and interior design of the 1950 and 60s to the exterior world of parks, petrol stations,...

Lyndal Jones, Artist

Lyndal Jones is a Melbourne-based artist whose work has covered a wide range of practices, including performance, theatre, dance and video in both single channel works and more elaborate installations. She has exhibited extensively in both solo and group shows in Australia and overseas. Jones represented Australia at the Venice Biennale...

Ross Gibson, Artist

Ross Gibson is a writer and researcher who also makes films and multi-media environments.  His main interests are contemporary arts,  communication and the history of environmental consciousness in colonial cultures, particularly in Australia and the Pacific.  His work spans several media and disciplines.