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Art & Text First Issue, Launch

First issue of Art & Text, one of the landmark contemporary art magazines of the 1980s and 1990s. Founded in Melbourne, Australia, in 1981 by Paul Taylor (1957–92), who soon moved to New York City to make his mark as an art critic, the magazine went on to become one...

2010 28 October  
Move: Video Art in Schools, Launch

MOVE: Video art in schools is a collection of video art works distributed to secondary schools for use in the classroom. Twelve leading Australian artists were commissioned for this program and have generously provided an education edition of their work solely for use in schools. The works are supplied on DVD and...

2012 21 August  
Scanlines, Launch

Public launch of the Scanlines site at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia by Bernice Murphy.

2001 December  
Arcadia, Launch

In early December 2001, ANAT launched the Arcadia publication. Arcadia aimed to delve into confluences between art, technology and theology. This investigation is part of the larger Deep Immersion project, which provided thematic focuses for ANAT's activities over the three-year period 1998 to 2000.