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HDCAM Video Format Released, Technical Innovation

HDCAM was the first High Definition video tape format available in Betacam form.

Mobile Journeys, various

Mobile Journeys was a national arts initiative dedicated to exploring the creative potential of mobile devices and to fostering the development of Australian mobile culture. Mobile Journeys is a national consortium of partners d/Lux/MediaArts, ANAT and AIMIA.

Performance Space, Venue and producer

Long ago... Performance Space was established by Mike Mullins in the early 1980s (and constituted in 1983) as a space to explore and present 'new forms' of theatre. Housed at 199 Cleveland Street in Redfern, Performance Space was created by and for artists as an affordable, permanent space for contemporary...

Reconsidering Australian Media Art Histories in an International Context: Roundtable, various

This roundtable discussion was held on 21 June 2012 at the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne, in conjuction with the Australian Research Council Linkage Project Reconsidering Australian Media Art Histories in an International Context. The project was a collaboration between UNSW, the Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT)...

S-VHS Video Tape Format Released, Technical Innovation

The S-VHS compact cassette tape format was developed and released by JVC and other companies. S-VHS was an improved version of the VHS standard for consumer-level analog recording videocassettes. JVC introduced the new standard in Japan with the HR-S7000 VCR, and in certain overseas markets soon afterward. It was also important in...

U-matic Video Tape Released, Technical Innovation

U-matic tape format released by Sony, JVC, Panasonic and other companies. Also known as Type E Helical Scan.

VHS Video Tape Format Released, Technical Innovation

JVC/Panasonic release the VHS cassette tape format aimed squarely at the domestic market. Originally dubbed the Video Home System, the VHS system as it became known, is a consumer-level analog recording videotape-based cassette standard developed by Victor Company of Japan (JVC).

Video 8 Tape Format Released, Technical Innovation

The 8mm video format was developed by Sony during the 1980s, to compete with other domestic video tape recording systems of the time (such as VHS-C and Betamax). The analogue video format was improved by successor Hi8 (analog video and analog audio but with provision for digital audio), and was...

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The Wandering: Moving Images from the MCA Collection, Touring collection

The Wandering: Moving images from the MCA Collection takes us on a unique journey through contemporary Australian art. The immediacy of moving image provides opportunities for art to engage with audiences in ways that are different to static, more traditional mediums, such as painting and sculpture.

2011 29 September  
RE:WIRE - Media Art Histories Archive Roundtable, various

Roundtable discussion convened by Ross Harley and Paul Thomas. This workshop took place under the auspices of RE:WIRE, the Fourth International Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology held in Liverpool September 28-30 October 1 2011. Invited participants: Andy Williamson, Berryl Graham, Darren Tofts, ...

FutureScreen Plaything, various

Plaything was a major international event focusing on current and future trends in the field of digital games and featured key Australian and international game designers, theorists and artists. The symposium, exhibition and catalogue provided platforms for discussion, play and critical discourse, bringing together people that develop, analyse and play...

Paranoid Poetry Generator, Josephine Starrs, Leon Cmielewski, Technical Innovation computer is talking about me ..secret eye in the elevator .....people who sing in the street   The Paranoid Poetry Generator was a piece which collected people‚Äôs paranoid episodes and generated haiku-like poems from them. The site was hosted by the Berlin Internationale Stadt in Germany and later...

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The Odyssey, Video News Service

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