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1994 12 October  
SIN-E-SCOPE October 1994 - Program, screening program

Presented by Sydney Intermedia Network Film & Video Society.American Express Foundation Hall, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney.Curated by Virginia Hilyard.  

1994 3 September  
SIN-E-SCOPE September 1994, screening program

Kiosk 8 - Melbourne Super 8 Film in the 1990s.Presented by Sydney Intermedia Network.

1994 3 September  
SIN-E-SCOPE September 1994 - Program, screening program

Kiosk 8 - Melbourne Super 8 Film in the 1990s.Presented by Sydney Intermedia Network.Domain Theatre, Art Gallery of New South Wales. 

Super 8 screenings, Screening

At the Sydney Film Festival 1984

Surface Imprint - Australian Short Films and Videos, screening program

Screening program consisting soley of works from Sydney and Melbourne.

1979 420 May  
The 3rd Video Mayfair, screening program

Video MayFair Sydney Filmmakers Co-op Weekends, 4th - 20th May, 1979 Program Weekend 1:

The Dome Project, screening program

The Dome Project was presented by ANAT, RiAus and the Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing, Swinburne University as part of the 2009 BigPond Adelaide Film Festival (BAFF). This groundbreaking project provided Australian audiences with the opportunity to experience the immersive and exciting potential of the fulldome medium. The project also...

2009 2428 Feb  
The Kino Kabaret, screening program

Kinoadelaide & Kino Portable joined forces with ANAT, 2 Moro Mobile, MEGA and Urtext to present a week of filmmaking production with three screenings.

2012 413 May  
Tracey Moffatt MoMA Retrospective, Video and Film Screening

New York MoMA's Retrospective of Moffatt’s films and videos, offering a comprehensive look at her moving-image oeuvre. All works are from Australia and written and directed by Tracey Moffat. Organized by Jenny He, Curatorial Assistant, Department of Film. The exhibition was made possible by The International Council of The Museum of...

1997 1728 Sep  
Trans Video, screening program

New video art and documentary from Brazil, Chile & Argentina coinciding with Carnivale '97. Curated by Janet Merewether. Presented by Sydney Intermedia Network. 

1997 1728 Sep  
Trans Video - Program, screening program

New video art and documentary from Brazil, Chile & Argentina coinciding with Carnivale '97.Curated by Janet Merewether.Presented by Sydney Intermedia Network. 

1991 1620 Nov  
TV AvantGarde and New Video Japan., Screening

The Australian International Video Festival, 1991. Synya Katho Artist's Presentation at Domain Theatre, Art Gallery of NSW, Sat 16 Nov, 2.30pm

UBU and Sydney Filmmakers Co-op - Take 2 AFI Cinema, screening program

Screening program highlighting the work of the UBU film group and Sydney Filmmakers Co-op.Presented by Sydney Intermedia Network.  

2010 317 Nov  
Video Void: Australian Video Art, Screening

In Australia there is a significant lack of knowledge regarding early Australian video artworks and an audience faces substantial difficulties in accessing these works and tracing the history and leitmotifs that connect them. American theorist Fredric Jameson described this as the ‘disappearance of history’ — the way in which our...

2000 2022 Jun  
d>Art 00 Screen, Screening

This year d>art 00 is a cornerstone of the Sydney Film Festival's attempt to expand and extend this loyalty by developing the Dendy as a site dedicated to a young contemporary audience. Whilst the State cinema will screen the more classic subscription-based films, the Dendy will be a pay-as-you-go program...

2001 1820 Jun  
Electro-matic, Screening

Ian Andrews Retrospective: Electro-matic Presented by d/Lux/MediaArtsScreening at Dendy Opera Quays8.45pm 18 June  & 12.00pm 20 June 2001

2009 6 8 Feb  
Figuring Landscapes, Screening

Figuring Landscapes: Artists' Moving Image from Australia and the UKTate Modern Figuring Landscapes is a remarkable collection of moving image works that has grown from the background of the political and cultural history that links the UK and Australia. Presented internationally as a series of screening programmes, the...

2005 1 November2006 1 Mar  
Surface Tension, Screening

Surface Tension was a mobile projection art program presented by the Adelaide City Council and the Australian Network for Art and Technology that screened throughout the Adelaide CBD from November 2005 to March 2006.

ReelDance Festival, Video and Film Screening

Established by the One Extra Company in 1999, ReelDance began as a response to the growth in dance screen work being made in dance arenas overseas, and the need to foster a burgeoning field of practice in Australia.  Under the guidance of founding director Erin Brannigan we...

1994 16 December1995 29 Jan  
An Eccentric Orbit: Video Art in Australia (Tour), screening program

Exhibition of Australian video art travelling to: 1994 Scene Nationale Les Plateaux, Angouleme, France Espace Lyonnais d'art  Contemporain, Lyon, France Dalhousie Art Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada            Cornell Cinema, Ithaca, New York, USA 1995

1992 8 9 Feb  
Subtopian Zones: Visions of the Virtual Body, screening program

Video & Television Festival ’92, Spiral Hall, Tokyo 1992 Curator: Peter Callas Australian Artists: John Gillies & the Sydney Front, Jill Scott, Micheal Hill, Simon Biggs