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Te Ve Tabu, Festival

Te Ve Tabu is the second national annual exhibition of artists' work in 'post object' art mediums to be organised by CREATIVE SPACE as part of the Studio Access Project. Represented is a current, and partially retrospective, collection of work in the mediums of Super 8 film, video, audio, audio-visual,...

The 3rd Video MayFair, Festival

Video MayFair Sydney Filmmakers Co-op Weekends, 4th - 20th May, 1979 Program Weekend 1: Unions, the Economy and the State

1980 211 May  
The 4th Video Mayfair, Festival

VIDEO MAYFAIR A Festival of Independent Video over 2 weekends Sydney Filmmakers' Cooperative, May 2-4 and 9-11, 1980 Friday May 2 Video Party

The Dome Project, screening program

The Dome Project was presented by ANAT, RiAus and the Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing, Swinburne University as part of the 2009 BigPond Adelaide Film Festival (BAFF). This groundbreaking project provided Australian audiences with the opportunity to experience the immersive and exciting potential of the fulldome medium. The project also...

1990 211 Nov  
The Fifth Australian International Video Festival, Video Festival

The fifth in the series of festivals staged in Sydney, the event added the word "international" to its title for the first time. The Australian International Video Festival (AIVF) was billed as Australia's only specialised exhibition event dedicated to promoting Australian and international video art and artists. Presented by Electronic...

1987 410 Sep  
The Second Australian Video Festival, Video Festival

Co-ordinator: Sally Couacaud Assistant Co-ordinator: Kate Goodnow   Board members: Jill Scott - President

1987 410 Sep  
The Second Australian Video Festival, Video Festival

1987 Australian Video Festival Co-ordinator: Sally Couacaud, Assistant Co-ordinator: Kate Goodnow

1991 830 Nov  
The Sixth Australian International Video Festival, Video Festival

The sixth and last in the series of video festivals initiated and managed by the Electronic Media Arts (Australia) organisation.

1988 25 Aug 7 Sep  
The Third Australian Video Festival, Video Festival

The third Australian Video Festival was held at the Powerhouse Museum and included a program of video works from a wide range of local and international artists. The festival presented a retrospective of works by Bill Viola and a program of Scratch Video (cut-up style video collages) from the UK....

2002 2628 Feb  
Trickster Masterclass in Video Jamming, workshop/masterclass

As part of the Adelaide Fringe 2002, ANAT co-ordinated the Trickster Masterclass in Video Jamming. The Trickster Masterclass was a professional development opportunity for Australian VJ artists to network and receive feedback about their work from guest tutor, VJ IKO from Portugal (leading video artist and software developer who...

2004 30 September  
Ulf Langheinrich - Artist Talk, Talk

Ulf Langheinrich (Austria) made a special visit to Adelaide to present local audiences with an introduction to Granular Synthesis.

Virogenesis, workshop/masterclass

Addressing the need for the cultural production and consumption of new media and emerging artforms ANAT managed a month cultural exchange project, Virogenesis. The project was the curatorial initiative of Francesca da Rimini. This viral collision of four irreverent and erudite cultural practitioners from the United Kingdom and...

1997 AugOct  
Water writes always in plural, Residency

A virtual writers-in-residence project.

Alchemy International Masterclass, workshop/masterclass

ANAT's International Masterclass for New Media Artists and Curators took place in Brisbane in May and early June 2000.

2006 2728 Sep  
MoPho Workshop Electrofringe, workshop/masterclass

ANAT presented a free workshop for artists working with the mobile platform as part of the Electrofringe Festival. The workshop was developed by EPIC intern Sasha Grbich and presented by Australian Media Artist Ian Andrews.

1998 1331 Jan  
1998 National Summer School, workshop/masterclass

ANAT's ninth summer school focused on Internet Design and Web Authoring and was held at the IMAGO Multimedia Centre/ Film and Television Institute Digital Arts Studio in Fremantle from 13 - 31 January 1998. The 15 artists selected to participate in the 1998 National Summer School were: 

A practical and conceptual introduction to 'Gateways', Talk

Given a social network and a communications medium for that network what happens when you introduce other mediums and communication tools? What happens when you combine FM Radio, with Internet and SMS? The outcome is dependent on the social uses of these technologies and the specific needs of the community...

2013 1821 Sep  
Channels: The Australian Video Art Festival, Video Festival

Channels is an international biennial festival based in Melbourne showcasing contemporary video practice from Australia and around the world. In September 2013 Channels hosted an eclectic and playful program of screenings, performances, workshops and artist commissions designed to provoke curiosity and engagement amongst the arts and broader community.