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Video Festival

1989 323 Oct  
The Fourth Australian Video Festival, Video Festival

Curated by Brian Langer, the fourth video festival was entitled Videoforms: Passages in Identity.

Roger Malina and Carl Loeffler Tour, Talk

During 1990 ANAT coordinated an Australian tour by two of the key figures in the international art and technology community, Roger Malina (Editor, Leonardo magazine) and Carl Loeffler (Executive Director, Art Com), both from San Francisco. Carl and Roger visited Adelaide, Alice Springs, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Ballarat and Sydney. They presented...

1996 24 September  
Interactive Nation, Talk

A talk at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), London discussing the works of the following artists: Patricia Piccinini John TonkinIsobelle DelmotteLloyd SharpMartine CoromptMichael GrimmGashgirlVideo Subvertigo ANAT Director, Amanda McDonald Crowley presented a selection of Australian artists work as part of the Deep Screen Diving program of the ICA organised by Lisa Haskell. According...

Deep Immersion: Theology, Talk

ANAT has always explored the interdisciplinary nature of art, science and technology within political, cultural and social frameworks.

1987 7 September  
AVF '87 - Video Art Awards entries, Video Festival

[2nd AVF catalogue, p.84] VIDEO ART Simon Biggs - Le Desir (Prisoners)Addresses notions of difference (sexual, psychological) suspending distinctions through a poetic and associative approach to the media. Mark Boswell - How to Prevent Scurvy with LimesA social study shot in the inner suburbs of Melbourne.