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Video Festival

2013 1821 Sep  
Channels: The Australian Video Art Festival, Video Festival

Channels is an international biennial festival based in Melbourne showcasing contemporary video practice from Australia and around the world. In September 2013 Channels hosted an eclectic and playful program of screenings, performances, workshops and artist commissions designed to provoke curiosity and engagement amongst the arts and broader community.

1985 19 Jun14 Jul  
Scanlight: New Developments in Video Art, Video Festival

In 1985 the video scene in Sydney had reached a point where there were enough people making video works - whether art, documentary, video music or computer graphic - to begin to make it important and possible to have a collective show of recent works.

Code Red, workshop/masterclass

CODE RED continued an ongoing international artists project which ANAT began in 1995 with Virogenesist, curated by Francesca da Rimini.


ANAT were invited to present the FOLDBACK website as part of  ISEA98 - Terror, the Manchester manifestation of the ISEA98 Symposium.

EDT Uses Hacktivism, Talk

EDT has also attempted to inject the organic into technical infrastructures as part of a new performative matrix. The net.performance of Electronic Disturbance Theater (EDT) uses hacktivism as a form of interhacktivity, a type of activism that targets technical infrastructures as a way of hacking the social groups attached to...