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ConVerge, Exhibition

ConVerge was a project developed by The Art Gallery of South Australia and the Adelaide Festival 2002 that explored the nexus between art, science and technology and its creative expression. The project comprised of: 2002 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art - conVerge: where art and science meet, an exhibition which profiles a selection of work...

1996 24 Sep12 Oct  
Gomma, aka Ermanno Guarneri, Tour, Talk

Gomma aka Ermanno Guarneri is an Italian activist, writer, publisher and video maker based in Milano in Northern Italy.

1995 30 Sep 9 Oct  
Graham Harwood Australian Tour, Talk

During 1995 ANAT coordinated an extensive Australian tour for UK multimedia artist Graham Harwood.

1996 317 Oct  
Matt Fuller Tour, Talk

Matt Fuller is a London-based writer, publisher and interactive zine editor, who toured Australia during 1996 for ANAT.

Peter Richards Tour, Talk

ANAT initiated an Australian tour for Peter Richards during 1993.

1996 320 Oct  
Scanner - aka Robin Rimbaud - Tour, Talk

Scanner aka Robin Rimbaud is a London-based very nomadic sound artist, composer and DJ who works both as an individual artist and in collaboration with other musicians, choreographers, performance artists, writers and filmmakers.

Stephan Barron: Night and Day, Talk

In association with the Experimental Art Foundation, ANAT hosted an artist’s talk in December by visiting French artist Stephan Barron.

2004 30 September  
Ulf Langheinrich - Artist Talk, Talk

Ulf Langheinrich (Austria) made a special visit to Adelaide to present local audiences with an introduction to Granular Synthesis.

A practical and conceptual introduction to 'Gateways', Talk

Given a social network and a communications medium for that network what happens when you introduce other mediums and communication tools? What happens when you combine FM Radio, with Internet and SMS? The outcome is dependent on the social uses of these technologies and the specific needs of the community...