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D>Art.05 Forum, seminar/forum

The D>Art.O5 Forum explored the histories and near future of distributed art in a networked age. The program was divided into three thematic sessions with leading speakers from the arts, business and legal professions exploring the key issues and technologies that are shaping the contemporary media environment.

The Dome Project, screening program

The Dome Project was presented by ANAT, RiAus and the Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing, Swinburne University as part of the 2009 BigPond Adelaide Film Festival (BAFF). This groundbreaking project provided Australian audiences with the opportunity to experience the immersive and exciting potential of the fulldome medium. The project also...

2001 October  
TILT, workshop/masterclass

In October 2001, ANAT partnered with dLux Media Arts, Imperial Slacks, House of Laudanum and Metro Screen to present TILT (Trans-global Independent Lateral Tactics), a dynamic conference and workshop event on tactical media which was held at various locations around Sydney.

FOLDBACK, Exhibition

The FOLDBACK event, ANAT's contribution to the Telstra Adelaide Festival, provided ANAT with a remarkable forum to pay tribute to some of the artists and personalities who have contributed so vividly to ANAT's identity.

2002 September  
BORDERPANIC 2002, Exhibition

BORDERPANIC was a project in September 2002, held in Sydney, that brought together artists, media makers and thinkers who are questioning the world's geopolitical and metaphorical borders.

Verve: The Other Writing, seminar/forum

For the Telstra Adelaide Festival 2000, ANAT and the Contemporary Art Centre of SA, presented Verve: The Other Writing.