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2010 28 Aug 8 Nov  
Premier of Queensland’s National New Media Art Award 2010, Exhibition

The Premier of Queensland’s National New Media Art Award is Australia’s most significant prize for new media art. Seven artists and collaborations were short-listed for the biennial acquisitive award: Philip Brophy (VIC), Nigel Helyer (NSW), Chris Howlett (QLD), Isobel Knowles and Van Sowerwine (VIC), Wade Marynowsky (NSW), Soda_Jerk (NSW) and Lynette Wallworth (NSW). 

201231 Dec  
Sense of Place, Film and Video Exhibition

Sense of Place is a new annual screening program of contemporary Australian video art, featuring the work of 8 artists unified by their investigation of cultural identity.

1983 121 Dec  
Kiru Umi No Yoni, One person exhibition

Peter Callas, Kiru Umi No Yoni (Cutting like the ocean), video installation, Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery.

Peter Callas – The Invisible Histories of the Present, Exhibition

Retrospective Pixel Gallery and Piros-Fekete Gallery, Millenáris Park, Budapest, Hungary (2006) Tamás Waliczky: On Peter Callas, in Three Acts

Peter Callas: anti-terrain, Exhibition

Asialink Touring Program to Malaysia, India, China & Korea: videos and prints, 2002-03.Galeri Petronas, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2002); “Multimedia Art Asia-Pacific”, Art Museum of the China Millennium Monument, Beijing, China (2002); National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai, India (2002), “JIFF MIND”, Jeonju International Film Festival, Jeongu, Korea (2003) The first comprehensive...

1990 1024 Mar  
Matinaze 1990, Film and Video Exhibition

A selection of Australian film and video art presented by the Sydney Super 8 Film Group at the Domain Theatre, Art Gallery of NSW during March 1990. It featured works by Victoria Dawson, Melanie El Mir, Dennis Wilcox and Derek Kreckler, Liz Watts, David Opitz, Rosie Cross, Stephen Cummings, Barbara Campbell,...

2003 9 Apr 6 Jul  
Maria Fernanda Cardoso: Zoomorphia, One person exhibition

Museum of Contemporary Art Sydney video work: Chicken Face, Fish Face, Bat Face / Cara de Gallina, Cara de Pescado, Cara da Murcielago 2002-2003 made in collaboration with Ross Rudesch Harley

FutureScreen Artificial Life: Hard|Soft|Wet Exhibition 2, Exhibition

The second exhibition associated with FutureScreen Artificial Life: Hard|Soft|Wet Program.

2013 8 Jun21 Aug  
Semipermeable (+), Group Exhibition

Presented by ISEA2013, SymbioticA and the Powerhouse Museum. Semipermeable (+) looks at the membrane as a site, metaphor and platform for a series of artistic interventions and projects, some commissioned specifically for the exhibition and others selected from the many projects developed at SymbioticA (an artistic ...

1999 10 Jun 3 Jul 99, Video and Film Screening and Exhibition

Presented by d/Lux/MediaArtsCurated by Alessio Cavallaro Australia's premier annual showcase of inter/national experimental digital film, digital video, computer animation and cd-rom art. CD-ROM exhibitionThursday 10 June-Saturday 3 JulyArtspace43-51 Cowper Wharf Rd, Woolloomooloo Film/Video/Animation46th Sydney Film FestivalFriday 18 June, 5.15pmAcademy Cinemas 3A Oxford St, Paddington

Peter Callas: Initialising History, Exhibition

Peter Callas: Initialising History was a 20 year retrospective centered on the work of Peter Callas, one of Australia's most distinguished electronic media artists, curator and writer. It toured Australia and internationally, with exhibitions at

1992 913 Nov  
Third International Symposium on Electronic Art (TISEA), Exhibition

TISEA: Cultural Diversity in the Global Village The Third International Symposium on Electronic Art (TISEA) was held in Sydney, 9-13 November, 1992. It is generally referred to as a watershed moment in the development of media arts in Australia, bringing together a mix of leading Australian and international artists and thinkers...

2005 14 Apr17 Jun  
2000 8 Jun 2 Jul  
d>Art 00, Screening

Australia's premier annual showcase of innovative film, video, cd-rom, web & sound art by local and international artists.

1988 20 Apr 1 May  
Splash: The Sydney Film & Video Event, Film and Video Exhibition

Splash: The Sydney Film & Video Event April 20 – May 1, 1988 Event Co-ordinator: Simon Cooper Forums Co-ordinator: Susan Charlton A program of film and video art screenings held in Sydney.

1990 316 Sep  
Towards a New Aesthetic, Exhibition

This exhibition was coordinated by ANAT and co-curated by Caron Ward (Project & Administrative Assistant, ANAT) and Rhonda O’Meara (Consultant & Director, TEXCAD), and organised as a major component of the AUSGRAPH 90 Art Program.

Cyber Cultures: Sustained Release, Group Exhibition

Cyber Cultures: Sustained Release was a program of new media exhibitions featuring leading new media artists from Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. The program was made up of four exhibition capsules which explore the impact on new technologies on human life and culture: Infectious Agents, Posthuman Bodies, New...

Face to Face: Portraiture in the Digital Age, Exhibition

A National touring program curated by Dr. Kathy Cleland exploring new forms of portraiture that incorporate a variety of different technologies from digital prints to single channel digital video and interactive installations. How have new media and digital technologies changed the way we think about portraiture, identity and faces? What new...

1995 2 5 Jul  
AIMIA Conference, Exhibition

ANAT coordinated a program/exhibition of screen-based new media work for the The Australasian Interactive Multimedia Industry Association (AIMIA) conference, held at the Adelaide Convention Centre  2 – 5 July 1995.

Aura, Exhibition

A lyrical and meditative 12-minute autobiographical / landscape video installation. 

1997 9 Jul 2 Aug  
Autumn Song, One person exhibition

John Conomos's autobiographical performance about his childhood in a milk bar at Tempe and his ancestral forbearers from the Greek Island of Kythera.

2007 13 October2008 1 Mar  
The Leisure Class, Group Exhibition

Conspicuous leisure, conspicuous consumption, conspicuous waste; this exhibition and film program draws its name from economist Thorstein Veblen’s celebrated monograph, The Theory of the Leisure Class (1899). In the social and economic system Veblen described, goods, production, and leisure activities are extreme distortions of individual physical, social and...

1989 8 December1990 2 Apr  
Satellite Cultures, Group Exhibition

Group show of Australian video art at the New Museum in New York.

Videokunst in Australien — Auf dem Weg zu Teletopologien, Group Exhibition

curated by Sally Couacaud Ars Electronica, Linz

Videokunst in Australien — Auf dem Weg zu Teletopologien, Group Exhibiton

Exhibition curated by Sally Coaucaud for Ars Electronica 1989, Linz, Austria.