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Group Exhibition

2005 15 Apr14 May  
Face Value: Video Portraiture from the Pacific, Group Exhibition

Face Value: video portraiture from the Pacific presents the traditional genre of portraiture, through the moving image exploring notions of identity, within a contemporary regional context. Leading video, sound and multimedia artists from the Pacific region show work informed by history, technology, globalisation and geographic location which considers social and familial...

1992 15 December1993 14 Mar  
Biennale of Sydney: The Boundary Rider, Group Exhibition

Artistic director Tony Bond's vision for the 9th Biennale of Sydney was to reflect a shift from the art making centres of Europe and the USA to countries whose artists had not been represented in previous Biennales. "Work of controversial artists such as Orlan, examined transgressions of conceptual and cultural...

2015 13 March2017 5 Mar  
Scanlines touring survey exhibition - dLux MediaArts, Group Exhibition

Tour Dates: 13 Feb - 5 Apr 2015 - Artspace McKay 6 Jun - 18 Jul 2015 - Tamworth Regional Gallery 27 July - 12 Sep 2015 - Western Plains Cultural Centre 21 Sep - 31 Oct 2015 - Grace Cossington Smith Gallery 16 Nov 2015 - 25 Jan 2016 - Riddoch Gallery 26 Feb -...

2009 722 Aug  
2009 Helen Lempriere Travelling Art Scholarship, Group Exhibition

The Helen Lempriere Travelling Art Scholarship, valued at $60,000, provides financial assistance for a visual artist at the start of their career to undertake a one to two year program of study or training overseas.

2012 21 Apr22 Jul  
Contemporary Australia: Women, Group Exhibition

‘Contemporary Australia: Women’ — the second in the Gallery’s Contemporary Australia exhibition series — celebrates the diversity, energy and innovation of contemporary women artists working in this country today.

2012 23 March2013 19 May  
2013 8 Jun21 Aug  
Semipermeable (+), Group Exhibition

Presented by ISEA2013, SymbioticA and the Powerhouse Museum. Semipermeable (+) looks at the membrane as a site, metaphor and platform for a series of artistic interventions and projects, some commissioned specifically for the exhibition and others selected from the many projects developed at SymbioticA (an artistic ...

Cyber Cultures: Sustained Release, Group Exhibition

Cyber Cultures: Sustained Release was a program of new media exhibitions featuring leading new media artists from Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. The program was made up of four exhibition capsules which explore the impact on new technologies on human life and culture: Infectious Agents, Posthuman Bodies, New...

2007 13 October2008 1 Mar  
The Leisure Class, Group Exhibition

Conspicuous leisure, conspicuous consumption, conspicuous waste; this exhibition and film program draws its name from economist Thorstein Veblen’s celebrated monograph, The Theory of the Leisure Class (1899). In the social and economic system Veblen described, goods, production, and leisure activities are extreme distortions of individual physical, social and...

1989 8 December1990 2 Apr  
Satellite Cultures, Group Exhibition

Group show of Australian video art at the New Museum in New York.

Videokunst in Australien — Auf dem Weg zu Teletopologien, Group Exhibition

curated by Sally Couacaud Ars Electronica, Linz

2007 25 Aug23 Sep  
Experimenta Playground: International Biennial of Media Arts, Group Exhibition

Escape into Experimenta Playground, an exhibition of art that begs to be touched and invites your interaction. interactive artworks :: video installations :: short films :: extreme art on screen Experience some of the most innovative and playful artworks by Australian and international artists. With interactive artworks, video installations, short films and...

Experimenta: Vanishing Point, Group Exhibition

Step through the looking glass into Experimenta Vanishing Point, an exhibition that will have you second-guessing your way through a forest of new media artworks. Inspired by twisted realities from Alice’s Wonderland to Being John Malkovich, Experimenta Vanishing Point beckons you into a world...

1984 116 Mar  
Interface, Group Exhibition

Interface was curated by Simon Biggs and Claudio Pompili after the Australia Council's report in to technology in the arts and using the Adelaide Festival as a venue.

Time and Space, Group Exhibition

TIME AND SPACEART AND ARTIST RUN SPACES 1970 - NOW Hazelhurst Regional Gallery & Arts Centre is proud to present Time and Space, an exhibition of art and artists recounting stories about artist run initiatives since 1970 and associated self-published artist periodicals.

Spectrascope, Group Exhibition

Sydney Biennale satellite exhibition Performance Space, Sydney Curator: Julieanne PierceArtists: John Gillies, Denis Beaubouis, Mari Velonaki, Peter Spillsbury, Adrienne Doig.

2007 19 Oct31 Dec  
Workin' Down Under, Group Exhibition

WORKIN’ DOWN UNDER presents the work of six contemporary Australian artists who, through diverse media and approaches, explore issues of identity across cultures and time, including its own demise.

1976 13 Nov19 Dec  
Biennale of Sydney: Recent International Forms in Art, Group Exhibition

Recent International Forms in Art : The 1976 Biennale of Sydney.Art Gallery of NSW, 13 November – 19 December, 1976.Directed by Tom McCullough

2013 31 Aug12 Oct  
UNCO, Group Exhibition

UNCO – Australian Video Curated by Ian Haig ‘Five Production Company Logos in 3D’ August 31st – October 12th, 2013 Opening reception: Saturday August 31st, 6 – 9pm Torrance Art Museum 3320 Civic Center Drive Torrance, CA 90503

2010 413 Nov  
Nightshifters, Group Exhibition

Curated by Bec Dean The shift in time, space, perception and experience as day turns to night underpined this site-based installation project of moving-image works by eight of Australia’s foremost video and new media artists: Cordelia Beresford, Alexis Destoop, Samuel James, Angelica Mesiti, Kate...

2002 130 Nov  
Cerebellum, Group Exhibition

Performance Space, Sydney Curator: Gary Carsley Artists: Charles Atlas, The Kingpins, Raw Sewage, Monika Tichacek

2003 17 Sep30 Nov  
Primavera 2003, Group Exhibition

Primavera: Exhibition of Young Australian Artists is an annual MCA exhibition which showcases the work of Australian artists 35 years of age and under. Primavera 2003 responded to the theme of new media technologies. Curated by Julianne Pierce, Director of the Australian Network for Art & Technology (ANAT), it explores...

1999 29 May11 Jul  
The Liquid Medium: Video Art, Group Exhibition

Group exhibition at the Queensland Art Gallery. There is a certain behaviour of the electronic image that is unique . . . It's liquid, it's shapeable, it's clay, it's an art material, it exists independently.  

1986 January  
Video/Culture, Group Exhibition

A travelling exhibition drawn from video works shown within the Australian Video Festival 1986. Project co-ordinator: Brian Langer Catalogue Design: Eddy Jokovich Introduction