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computer graphics

1987 7 September  
AVF '87 - Computer Graphics award entries, Video Festival Awards

The Australian Video Festival, 1987 [catalogue pp.77-78] COMPUTER GRAPHICS James Blomfield (Channel 9/ZAP Productions) - Channel Nine I.D.Computer Graphic to continue the design strength of Nine. A strong Identification with state of the art technology,

The Automation of Electronic Wallpaper, Article

‘The Automation of Electronic Wallpaper’ Article by Ariel, published in Access VIDEO, Vol. 5, no. 1, p. 23, 1979  

The Dream, Ariel , Video

Work shown in the touring exhibition Videotapes from Australia

1983 January  
Dream House, Sally Pryor, Video

Direction/Animation by Sally Pryor Music by Willy Zygier Computer based minimalism using primitive 3D animation software. A tranquil journey through the mind, based on aspects of personality and experience. The journey is halted abruptly and the tranquillity is replaced by the nightmare.

1987 4 September  
Women and High Technology: Some Observations, Sally Pryor, Text: Report or Article

You don't tend to find too many women working in high technology. I've been very lonely. As Jan Zimmerman1 puts it, “In the modern world where science and technology have displaced the gods of rain and wisdom, men still constitute most of the high priests worshipping at the laboratory altar"....