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2007 Program

2007, workshop/masterclass

Presented by ANAT, was a youth digital media education program,which presented workshops that develop creative and digital literacy skills in which young artists make short screen works (animations/films /images) for their mobile phone. 

Portable Worlds 1st Edition, Exhibition

The 2007 Portable Worlds program presents both exhibition and youth workshop programs to inspire and educate new creative producers.

2007 14 Jan 4 Feb  
reSkin Emerging Technology Lab & Forum, workshop/masterclass

The reSkin wearables research and development laboratory was presented as ANAT’s Emerging Technology Lab held from 14 January - 4 February 2007 at the Australian National University. 

still/open Emerging Technology Lab, workshop/masterclass

ANAT’s still/open Emerging Technology Lab travelled across Australia in pursuit of open access to knowledge.

Synapse 3 Residencies, Residency

Delivered in partnership with the Australia Council for the Arts the Synapse Residencies place Australian artists into science and research settings to pursue collaborative projects with benefits accruing to both the resident and the host organisation.

Arts Victoria Arts Innovation Residency, Residency

ANAT, in partnership with Arts Victoria’s Arts Innovation program delivered three AIR residencies for artists within science/research settings.

Synchresis, Screening

Michael Chion defined the term Synchresis to mean “the spontaneous and irresistible weld produced between a particular auditory phenomenon and visual phenomenon when they occur at the same time.”